Allow me to share my journey, spanning from my early childhood years to the start of my Software Engineer journey.

  • Childhood

    I was born in 1994 with the name Paolo Vincent Julian, and I had an awesome childhood in Baguio City, Philippines. The weather there was always cool, which was pretty amazing! As a kid, I was totally into Math, just like solving the most complex equations was my superpower. I was also captivated by epic anime series like "Flame of Recca," "Ghost Fighter," and of course, "Naruto." Those shows fueled my imagination with their thrilling adventures and awesome battles.

    But it wasn't just anime that shaped my interests. Epic movies like "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Matrix" had a profound impact on me. These films fueled my curiosity about the blend of fantasy, technology, and hacking. I mean, who could forget the iconic code animations from "The Matrix"? They were beyond cool, more like mind-blowingly awesome, and I'd be lying if I said they didn't play a big part in inspiring me to become a programmer. 🌟💻😎

  • Pre-College

    I was always the top student during my elementary days. I dedicated a lot of time to studying and didn't have much time to play games. However, when I entered high school, I gained more freedom and became addicted to playing video games, particularly StarCraft and Dota. As a result, my grades dropped significantly, and I experienced burnout from studying. Nevertheless, I managed to pass high school without encountering many academic problems.

  • College

    When I first stepped into college, I was totally unsure about what to study. The whole Information Technology (I.T) and Computer Science thing hadn't even crossed my mind, because I was pretty much fixated on video games. That's where my head was at most of the time. My dad suggested I give Electronic and Communications Engineering a shot, pointing out the potential fat paycheck and my knack for math.

    But here's the kicker: I wasn't feeling it. I ended up dropping most of my classes, except for one glimmer of hope – a computer-related course that covered stuff like Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) and the basics of programming. It was like a lightbulb moment 💡. I realized that I'd always had a thing for programming.

    So, I decided to make a switch and moved to a different school that focuses Information Technology and Computer Science. I opted for a major of Network Security because, well, hacking sounded pretty cool back then 😎.

  • Training

    I started to ace all the computer-related subjects and things were looking up. But, the real revelation hit me during my On-the-Job Training (OJT). Network security, as it turned out, wasn't my jam. But I was also pretty darn good at it. In fact, they even wanted me to stick around after my OJT was done. The thing is, as much as I excelled at it, I just wasn't feeling it.

    So, I dove into self-study mode and spent a month mastering web development. Thanks to some hard work and dedication, I snagged a gig as a Junior Application Developer. That's where I am now, living the dream, doing what I love, and coding away with a big grin on my face! 🖥️💻


We must learn to accept the fact that all codes are garbage, Important part is we produce less garbage code.

  • Utalk


    In 2017, I began my journey as a Junior Application Developer, full of excitement, “over-engineered” stuff and a pinch of 'I-know-it-all' attitude. Little did I know that this was the start of something wonderful. Working with an incredible team, we laughed through long hours and learned together. During this phase, I accumulated invaluable experience, particularly when I ventured into pioneering the development of single-page applications using Vue JS, at a time when it was still a relatively new technology.

  • YNS Philippines Inc.


    In 2019, after a short break to visit my mother in the Cayman Islands and tour Singapore for two months, I joined YNS Philippines Inc as a Software Engineer. In this role, I had a fantastic mentor who believed in keeping things simple and practical. He was a genius, and he inspired me to embrace a simpler lifestyle. Apart from that, I learned about microservices and hybrid mobile technology, broadening my skills.

  • Yondu Inc.


    In 2021, I sought to focus on front-end development, leading me to Yondu, where I assumed the role of Software Engineer (Front-end). My time at Yondu has been a significant learning experience. I introduced technologies like TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Server-Side Rendering, Static Site Generation, and mono-repo structures. These additions represent the modern approach to web development, and I'm excited to continue shaping my career in this direction.

  • Accelo


    In 2023, as much as I'd like to continue at Yondu, they were transitioning back to office work, which posed challenges for me. While exploring job opportunities, I found that the average salary for engineers was higher, almost double my current income. I promptly applied for a position at Accelo, and I can confidently say that everything here is outstanding! The team is passionate, everyone works with a smile, and they're incredibly approachable. The codebase is well-maintained and unit-tested, code reviews are thorough, and everything is meticulously planned. Plus, it's entirely remote, which is a perfect fit for me. As of writing this article in October 2022, I'm in my first month at Accelo, and it seems like I won't be jumping companies again because I love it here.


I'm like the jack of all trades. I want to excel in every field. I don't think it's bad; it just shows how passionate I am at learning things.

  • Music Production

    I aspire to be like John Mayer, with his mesmerizing guitar riffs, decent singing, and profound musical knowledge; however, I soon realized that music production is also quite challenging. So, I decided to take a step back, slow down, and focus on it at my own pace for now.

  • Gaming

    I used to be quite the gaming enthusiast, and that passion still lingers today, although not as intensely. Now, it serves as a stress-reliever and a way to balance my time and relax my mind. Currently, you'll find me enjoying Valorant, Dota 2, and offline games.

  • Cooking

    I'm a huge fan of Asian cuisine, and I love it so much that I decided to learn how to cook it myself. Some of my favorites include Masala, Beef, and Wonton Noodles, as well as Szechuan Noodles. I studied how to make hand made noodles and wonton wraps and all I can say is it is totally worth it.

  • Robotics and A.I.

    I'm into AI and robotics because of “Cyberpunk” and “The Matrix”. It's a world where tech and humans blend, with robots and AI blurring the line between them. I explore robots, AI ethics, and how they can make a real-world difference, all inspired by those cool cyberpunk stories.

  • Hacking

    Hacking, to me, is like being a modern-day detective in the digital world. It's about using technology to protect against criminals and corruption rather than personal gain (or is it? JK 😅). I'm currently motivated by the series “Mr. Robot”, which has rekindled my passion for hacking, reminiscent of the excitement I felt as a child watching The Matrix.”